Mercedes Benz MBUX Display

Mercedes-Benz has come up with a revolutionary and innovative new display that we will now see in upcoming Mercedes premium vehicles. The new MBUX system will make it easier for the driver to drive the car while giving passengers access to the controls as well.

The MBUX system will make its debut in the upcoming Mercedes-Benz S-Class limousine that comes out in 2021. It is expected that the infotainment system will trickle down to the more affordable models shortly. The German luxury vehicle manufacturer is all about improving user experience so it would be no surprise that this technology transfer happens soon.

Mercedes MBUX Display

The MBUX system will allow you to make payments while sitting inside your car, much like how you use your mobile phone nowadays. This makes it easy for you to go to drive-thru setups. Mercedes has protected the system by adding three levels of security to the payment system with PIN protection, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and voice activation. 

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) system will not only improve the infotainment system but also help out in the heads-up display. The new system will give drivers 3D image referencing while navigating. The arrows will be easily visible and in the line of sight. There will be speed warnings and other alerts on this system as well.

Mercedes MBUX Display

The MBUX system will help passengers customize the cabin lighting depending on the mood by just talking about their mood. Not only that, but the doors will have warnings to protect passengers as well as pedestrians or cyclists from slamming into the car.

The MBUX technology will work with an array of screens, cameras and sensors fit throughout the car to enhance the user experience to the fullest. The vehicle will remember personal preferences, adjust the lighting the seats, and turn on your favorite radio station. In short, the MBUX will be your assistant much like what we saw in the Knight Rider series.

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