Ken Block’s Hoonifox Ford Mustang Drift Build

Ken Block has always excited his fans with his drifting skills and his unique drift cars. In his latest venture, Ken has gone a step further and imagined a 90’s Mustang into a mean-looking drift car that will be called the Hoonifox. The Hoonifox Ford Mustang, it seems, might replace the Hoonicorn in Ken’s future drift events.

In a video release, Ken teased enthusiasts with renderings of the Hoonifox Ford Mustang. This means the car is not ready but it will be as soon as the current pandemic crisis simmers down. Mr. Block teamed up with renowned designer Ash Thorp to come up with the wicked design for his fox-body Mustang. Thorp is the same guy who has designed the Batmobile for the upcoming Batman film starring Robert Pattinson.

The Block – Thorp duo took inspiration from other existing fox-body Mustangs. The third-generation Mustang is a favorite of tuners and enthusiasts. They have created some of the most mean-looking and power-driven Mustangs ever created. However, the duo needed a car that would be powerful as well as exude the Ken Block signature look. As such, the Hoonifox has a huge hood scoop with the ITBs visible inside – a classic muscle-car look.

The front fenders have large stylized vents to purge out all the engine heat. The side skirts and the front lip add to the stability of the car evoking a pocket of vacuum beneath the car while the rear diffuser also adds to this purpose. The exhaust pipe extends from the front right-hand side fender and ends just beneath the car’s right door, so the air beneath the car passes through without interruptions. The rear extended spoiler is a muscle-car classic which could be seen in the fox-body Mustangs of the ’80s.

Although, Block’s cars follow a black and green aesthetic for this project Thorp created the Hoonifox Ford Mustang in both a black and a pure white finish. The car looks exquisite, to say the least.

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