New DVLA number plates for EV

We are coming close to the launch of the second 2019 number plate. When September 1st hits, members of the public will be able to take away the new 69 plate that will be released. However, although you may want the latest plate to show how new your vehicle is, you could save yourself a lot of money by avoid the plate and purchasing a reregistered car instead.

Every year in the UK, there are two significant dates in the number plate market, March 1st and September 1st. These are the dates that the new number plates are released, currently being 19 and 69. Previously in March, the first number was 0 and in September 5, however these has been replaced by 1 and 6 for the new wave of plates.

In-order to identify a vehicles age, you will discover this with the two numbers following the first two letters on a number plate. , as this can hide the age of your vehicle and therefore people are not able to tell, unless from wear and tear how old it is.

Choosing a reregistered vehicle

You may be excited to purchase your brand-new vehicle with the 69 plate, but before you do it would be wise to do your research into the cost of buying a reregistered car instead.

Often when a is coming up, dealerships will cut the prices of their pre-registered cars in order to make space for the new ones. The best part? Pre-registered vehicles have little to no mileage, so it’s like buying a new car at a fraction of the cost.

However, if you are looking to completely customise the car to your needs then this may not be the best option, as you must be willing to have less control on the look and specifications of the car with it being pre-registered.

Pre-registered vehicles are cheaper because they have already been registered by the dealership, making you the owner of the vehicle even though it is brand new and have very low mileage. Another great thing to consider is that pre-registered vehicles are ready for delivery immediately, therefore you can get your new car relatively quickly, instead of waiting for it to be built.

Choosing a reregistered electric vehicle

If you’re looking into buying an electric vehicle then the same goes, purchasing a reregistered one can save you a lot of money.

Electric vehicles are currently being pushed by governments and environmentalists across the world in a bid to reduce climate change and help the environment as much as possible. Several large motoring companies have brought out their own range of electric or hybrid vehicles in-order to help buyers choose a cleaner way of driving. However, buying a brand new electric vehicle can come at a large cost, and with developments still undergoing, such as more charging points being fitted across the UK, it may take some people a lot to convince them to invest in one.

However, buying a reregistered , making it a more affordable process.

Now the new number plate is coming into dealerships, it’s time to make your decision. Do you splash out on a brand-new vehicle in order to show your new 69 plate? Or do you save yourself some money and purchase a next-to-new reregistered vehicle instead?

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