Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle

Owning a car is a dream that many would like to realize as soon as their financial position permits them, which can be a sports car or a simple one. Owning one does provide great joy, comfort and convenience. At the same time, it also means having to bear additional responsibilities. It is the duty of every car owner to know how proper care is to be taken of the unit, ranging from simple troubleshooting to basic maintenance. Vehicles are to be treated like partner or child. Only then will it be in excellent running condition and also last for a life time.

Few basic maintenance tips for car owners to practice:

• Examine engine level coolant: It will be wise to check the coolant level prior to leaving the place. This can help avoid high temperature related issues which only will lead to overheating of the engine and damaging it beyond repair. Using coolant can help protect the engine. The coolant is a mixture of special formulated coolant and ordinary tap water to protect the radiator from ‘scale’, which might clog or damage the radiator.

• Check engine oil: Prior to travelling far off places, it will be wise to check engine oil level. The engine has several moving parts that do require proper lubrication, so as to safeguard them from wear and tear. Engine oils are of two types, special formulated type known as multigrade and the ordinary one termed monograde. The former has additives which help to protect the engine, thereby providing more mileage prior to undergoing oil change.

• Check brake system and battery: Battery life generally depends upon how often the vehicle has been used on the road and traveled. The battery is to be changed once the existing one is exhausted to avoid engine damage. Brake system is to be checked carefully to ensure presence of adequate brake fluid and proper functioning of the brake. This helps to avoid accidents.

• Check car gauges: By starting the engine, you should check if fuel gauge, voltage gauge, temperature gauge, air pressure and oil pressure gauge is in good condition.

• Check tires and electrical system: These parts need to be in excellent condition. It should be made a habit to check all electrical systems including important lights such as park light, signal light and head light, so as to ensure its better performance. Doing so can help avoid unfortunate accidents and damage to the vehicle. It is equally crucial to check the tires prior to going out on any trip. Spare ones are to be brought along to avoid getting stranded in the road, especially in remote areas.

• Visit reputed and experienced car repair shop: If something is found wrong in the car, then it is better checked thoroughly by a qualified, certified and experienced mechanic. They are trained enough to find issues very quickly and can come up with the best possible solutions to ensure safe ride.

The above given simple tips are to be adhered to, for enjoying car drive with family and friends.

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