Choosing Custom Tyres and Wheels

Upgrading to custom wheels can bring back some of the excitement that goes away as a car gets older. Not only that, it can improve handling and other driving characteristics as well. However, choosing tyres and wheels for a modern automobile is more complex than many people expect. Before buying, it’s a good idea to learn about the pros and cons of changing your tyre and wheel size.

Basic Terminology

In many cases, people use the terms “rims” and “wheels” interchangeably. However, that’s not entirely accurate. A rim is the outermost part of the full wheel; it supports the tyre, creating an airtight seal. The wheel is the entire assembly; it’s a metal disc with a , and lug nuts attach it to the hub on the vehicle.

Wheel Parts

Wheels and rims are manufactured as multi-piece assemblies or as single units. For the purposes of our guide, however, we will assume that the rim and wheel are one unit, and we’ll refer to it as a wheel.

Fitment is Crucial When Choosing Custom Wheels

All vehicles have a few wheel and tyre diameter sizes that fit properly. This is good, because it offers you a bit of flexibility when customising wheel size for better performance or aesthetics. Wheel rim widths and diameters are measured by the inch. The wheel’s diameter is its width across the centre in inches. Its width is the distance from one bead seat to the other. To find wheels and tyres packages that fit your vehicle, you’ll need, at the least, the wheel diameter, tyre aspect ratio, and tyre width.

Driving Goals and Wheel Size

With the measurements referenced above, you’ll have a rough idea of which wheel and tyre packages will work on your car or ute. Next, you’ll have to consider your style preferences and driving habits. For instance, if you want to personalise your vehicle’s appearance without changing its performance, simply keep the size the same but choose a more stylish set of .
However, if you’re a performance enthusiast and want to improve handling and other characteristics, aftermarket wheels may play a crucial role. Choosing wheels of a larger diameter decreases the tyres’ sidewall height, adding responsiveness and improving stability. When done properly, larger wheels also shorten braking distance and improve acceleration.

A Brief Guide to Plus- and Minus-Sizing

When you’re looking for new wheels, you will encounter some standardised sizing terminology. OE, or original equipment, is the wheel size that was on your vehicle when it came from the factory.
• When wheels are plus-sized, the diameter is increased.
• When they’re minus-sized, the diameter decreases.

It’s possible to keep the diameter the same while using a low profile tyre; tread is wider and the aspect ratio is different, but the sidewall height stays the same.

Don’t Forget About Backspacing and Wheel Offset

are two more crucial considerations that will undoubtedly come up when you’re looking for wheel and tyre package. Without getting into too much detail, backspacing and offset ensure that there’s sufficient room for the new wheels and tyres to sit in your vehicle’s wheel wells. When the offset and backspacing are correct, nothing interferes with your vehicle’s suspension and brake parts, and your car remains stable in the corners.

Bolt Patterns: An Important Issue

You may think you’re ready to browse for , but don’t pull out your credit card just yet; you’ll still need to find out whether the bolt pattern works for your vehicle. The bolt pattern is the number of lug holes and their spacing. It must be compatible with the vehicle so the lug holes match up with the studs on the wheel hubs. Whilst many wheel descriptions have bolt patterns, it doesn’t mean a particular set will fit your car. There are numerous bolt patterns on today’s vehicles, as well as varying ways to measure between lugs. Even if your preferred set of wheels has the correct bolt pattern, they still may not fit; get firm answers before buying.

Trying Them On for Size

When you’ve narrowed the field to a few great choices, AutoCraze’s knowledgeable staff will use the site’s extensive inventory and large database to help you choose the perfect set of wheels and tyres for your vehicle. With fast shipping throughout Australia, as well as a wide network of installation centres, you can be on the road in style before you know it. Visit us online or call today to get started.

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