Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate with Satin Bronze Wheels is a Mean Looking Car

Without a doubt the Mercedes brand produces some of the most sophisticated and powerful vehicles up to this point. The refinement of Mercedes’ vehicles is hardly equaled by any other car manufacturer. Upgrading such a vehicle, given the amount of work put into designing the Mercedes models, is not really necessary. Still, some people decide to upgrade their Mercedes, hoping to push their car to the limit. This is exactly the story of this particular Mercedes-AMG E63S, a vehicle that looks and feels amazing.

The Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate is one of those vehicles that are aimed at people with quite a big family. Not only is it spacious, it is also luxurious, offering an unforgettable experience to those that get to ride in it. This vehicle is one of the best choices when it comes to finding a balanced vehicle, a vehicle that looks good, sounds good and feels good. The question is what could one add to this car in order to make it even more valuable? In the case of one Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate, we get a complete list of parts and upgrades that contribute to its improved aspect.

Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate with Satin Bronze Wheels

The first thing that catches one’s eye, when looking at this particular Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate, is the black paintjob. The vehicle looks stealthier and elegant too. The tinted windows complete the stealthy look, while offering more privacy to those inside the car. The added set of rims creates a perfect contrast between the black paintjob and the Satin Bronze finish of the rims, themselves. The lower stance truly redefines the car’s aspect. This Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate is definitely a successful tuning project.

Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate with Satin Bronze Wheels

With a 4 liter bi-turbo V8 engine that produces 604HP, this vehicle is definitely powerful. Nobody would miss the chance to drive such a vehicle. The experience behind the wheel of such a ride is definitely unforgettable. This Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate is definitely a unique vehicle. Whoever owns such a vehicle will definitely be noticed on the streets. A powerful and stylish car, this Mercedes is definitely worth every penny. It wouldn’t be too absurd to consider this particular vehicle a collectible car, as well. It is certain that a lot of work went into upgrading this vehicle. The end result speaks for itself. This Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate is a ride worth remembering. It has everything the car of one’s dreams should have.

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