Bugatti Mitsubishi 3000GT is a Project Gone Wrong

Without a doubt, Bugatti is one of the most expensive car manufacturers. It produces vehicles for elite customers, offering them the perfect balance between style, comfort and power. What happens if you want to own such a vehicle but don’t have the sums of money necessary to buy it? For those that want to have a little of that forbidden world, the answer is to try and modify what they already own. This was the case with an owner whose passion for Bugatti led him to drastically change his Mitsubishi 3000GT, leaving him with a huge failure on his hands.

Right from the start you can tell the car is definitely not a Bugatti and that the owner was so desperate that he tried to do as much as he could to make his Mitsubishi 3000GT look like the car of his dreams. The result is a car that doesn’t seem to have an authentic personality anymore. In fact, it doesn’t seem to have a personality anymore. There is no point in discussing the fact that the added modifications turn the car into an ugly mess. The original design lines have been compromised by the addition of bulky, new parts.

Apart from the fact that the added parts seem to strip the car of its personality, the fact that it is in a visible run-down condition further adds to the ugliness of this particular vehicle. The small rims of the vehicle seem out of line with the rest of the car’s massive body. The rims seem to have lost some paint. The dents present on the car’s body further add to the vehicle’s overall run-down look. What is interesting is that the added parts are also dented which proves that the added parts were present for some time within the car’s structure.

To sum up, trying to give your care a new personality by stealing that of another car is never a good idea. Like in this case, the end result speaks for itself. Such failed upgrade plans translate to lost time and frustration. The Mitsubishi 3000GT, just like any other car make and model, is just that. It can’t be any other car and it actually shouldn’t be either. It is sufficient to say that such builds, if one may call them so, are a good example of what not to do when upgrading your ride.

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