Modified Mercedes-Benz CLS is Simply Ugly

The Mercedes-Benz CLS is probably one of the most refined models the German automaker has to offer at this point. You can tell by the looks of the model that a lot of work was put in the design of his particular vehicle. For some owners, however, the work put into creating a vehicle is never enough, which is why they always try to improve it. These modifications, sometimes, make the car look worse.

This Mercedes-Benz CLS, owned by someone in New Jersey, has been turned into one of the ugliest vehicles. The owner decided to fit the car with rear wheel covers. The covers don’t fit well with the rest of the car’s design. In this particular case old tries to mix with new, the results being horrendous. The Mercedes-Benz CLS simply doesn’t need the rear covers. They turn the car into a quirky mix of old 1950’s classic vehicle with the inevitably brand new 21st century machine it really is.

Should there have been a theme involved with this particular car, the rear wheel covers might have contributed to creating something special, rather than ugly. The modifications had to go on, so the owner decided to add an AMG logo to the rear of the car as well as a consistent number of chrome trims. Needless to say, these make the car’s aspect even worse. The badge has been wrongly placed, as if the position really didn’t matter and the only important thing was for it to be falsely branded.

The trims were added hastily. Instead of outlining the car’s features, the only thing these added trims do is make the vehicle look worse. No matter how you look at it, the added modifications, in this case, do nothing to improve the vehicle’s look or feel. On the contrary, they hide the car’s beauty under a thick layer of hastily applied cheap mods. The problem is not really the fact that the owner decided to try and improve his vehicle. The problem is the owner doesn’t seem to realize that the changes he made changed the car for worse.

Without a doubt, this is probably one of the worst cases of car design ruining in the history of Mercedes-Benz. Indeed, the problem is not the car itself, but the owner, that doesn’t seem to realize that he’s made quite a big mistake attempting to change the vehicle’s look in such a way. Even so, owning a Mercedes-Benz CLS is definitely quite a luxurious experience, regardless of how much one appreciates the ride he drives.

Modified Mercedes-Benz CLS is Simply Ugly

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