Ferrari 488 Spider with Custom Interior by Carlex Design

The German-based Carlex Design tuning company is considered one of the best when it comes to interior customizations for all sorts of automobiles; small or big, coupe or sedan, sports car or just a van, the engineers know how to satisfy any client.

Thanks to their professional experience in production and design, Carlex Design`s “aim is to create unique and outstanding solutions” as their programs “are the essence of individual needs” of their customers, encouraging people to check out their “offer dedicated both to the most demanding individual customers and corporations.”

With thousands of interior customizations, Carlex Design tuner is one of the finest in the aftermarket industry, and the program below created on a Ferrari model, demonstrates once more the extraordinary characteristics and professionalism of the tuner.

Carlex Design love Ferrari and Ferrari loves Carlex Design; it is a sort of a bond that works in perfect harmony each time the opportunity arises. And the interior of the below Ferrari 488 Spider is indeed another exclusive one, with plenty of leather and Alcantara.

Both materials come in shapes of blue and cover the steering wheels, armrest, doors, carpets, dashboard and parts of the seats, all contrasted by yellow inserts. This is also something one-of-a-kind, something that Carlex Design would call “absolutely unique and outstanding.”

As for the car`s aesthetics and performance, things remain the same. In the engine department, the Ferrari 488 Spider retains a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine (it replaces the 4.5-liter naturally aspirated engine of the 458 model) with impressive 661 horsepower and 760 Nm of torque, hooked to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. This allows an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.0 seconds, at a topping of 325 km/h.

Incredible details of the Ferrari 488 Spider`s interior are provided in the media gallery below. Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to share your opinions with us!

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