BMW 7 Series G11/G12 by Wald International with One-Off Black Bison Package

The Japanese based tuner Wald International creates unique styling packages for all sorts of models, particularly sports and even supercars. However, there is one special program that engineers apply on certain special cars and occassions – the Black Bison package.

In the last couple of years, we have had the chance of seeing a handful of BMW models being personalized with the tuner`s Black Bison package, and the results were magnificent. Some of these programs were also displayed during different international auto shows, an occasion which made the tuner more famous than it already is.

Besides top notch models like the M3 or the M5, the high-end and luxurious 7-Series from BMW has been also lucky to receive the tuner`s Black Bison program. In fact, both the G11 and the G12 can receive such exquisite customizations. Take for instance the 7-Series below.

We are dealing here with a complete body kit, wide and standout, which makes the 7-Series in question more aggressive and standout. And from where I stand, I think it is one of the craziest packages released by Wald International tuner on a BMW model.

Everything about the package is intriguing, starting with the one-off air vents or grilles and carrying on with the updated and lowered suspension system. More than that, the rear bumper with the huge diffuser are perfectly complementing the taillights, providing that perfect aesthetics we have been waiting from a 7-Series.

Besides the aforementioned characteristics, the engineers from Wald International tuning company can also add some adjustments according to your own needs. The program below, for instance, also received blacked-out grilles, some gloss black trims on the bumpers, as well as massive wheels which perfectly complement the car`s blacked-out roof.

You can find out more details in the short media gallery. If you like the tuner`s new program on the 7-Series, don’t forget to share your opinions with us! Enjoy the ride!

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