Special Emerald Green Ferrari Enzo Presented in the UK

When you think of Ferrari you don’t particularly associate the brand with any other colors apart from red, yellow and black. There are exceptions, of course. Such an example is one particular Emerald Green Ferrari Enzo. The paintjob transforms the vehicle into something unique, indeed. This particular Ferrari will get you noticed for sure on the streets, as if a Ferrari wouldn’t get you noticed anyway.

No matter where you take this unique Emerald Green Ferrari Enzo, the car stands out. Of course, painting it in such a color means getting over the fact that by doing so you ruin the classic aspect of this rare vehicle. At the same time it may become a car collector’s dream on account of it being so special. The Ferrari Enzo is a beautiful car. Combined with the new shade of paint and with a set of black rims, this particular Ferrari is definitely a head turner.

Performance has been left untouched. In fact, it makes sense. The Ferrari Enzo is a powerful vehicle. The aggressive look of the car is completed by the raw power developed by its engine. This vehicle is a car that was and still is meant for racing. In a way, the green paintjob gives this Ferrari a new personality, distinct of the one the Italian automaker originally provided this model with. This is because of Ferrari’s exclusivist approach regarding the particularities of each and every model it produces.

No matter how you look at it, the Emerald Green Ferrari Enzo is one of the most interesting Ferraris up to this point. The car is not flashy at all. The chosen color seems to fit the car very well. The added rims complete the look and give this particular vehicle that special something that makes it recognizable. Without a doubt, this is a vehicle that most car fans would dream about driving at least once in their life.

The idea of taking a rare vehicle and changing its look in order to make it even more special is something we should see more of. A unique vehicle is what all drivers want. The driver identifies himself, thus, with the vehicle he drives. The car and its driver become one and the same. In this particular case, the driver can easily identify with his vehicle, on account of there being just one Emerald Green Ferrari Enzo in the world.

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