BMW Abu Dhabi: M4 Convertible with AC Schnitzer Aero Kit

Ever since their arrival on the market in 2014, BMW`s most appreciated models from the M division, the M3 and M4, have been seen in magnificent tuning projects, both at the exterior and interior, as well as under the hood. Plenty of videos and media galleries demonstrate that aftermarket shops are capable of providing the best skins and custom parts for both models.

And the best way to exhibit such amazing projects is to unveil them at BMW Abu Dhabi Motors, the German company`s most famous dealership in the entire world.

The below BMW M4 Convertible is also shining in Abu Dhabi, wearing the AC Schnitzer`s impressive aero kit, familiar on other hot models as well, like the X5 or X6.

The M4 Convertible below is extremely aggressive and sexy at the same time, as it wraps the tuner`s new carbon fiber aero kit, as well as the high-performance exhaust system which announces a wilder engine growl and increase performance.

This particular model has been enhanced with carbon fiber front spoiler with racing splitter, carbon fiber side wings or carbon fiber mirror covers. At the rear end, the tuner`s exhaust system now tweaks bespoke silencers, sound pipe-improving gas flow and flap control, all increasing the engine`s soundtrack. All body style elements perfectly complement the car`s exotic Speed Yellow and new alloy wheels.

The interior has not been left aside, the technicians from AC Schnitzer adding some new carbon fiber inserts and contrast stitching.

As for the car`s powertrain, this one remains stock. As a reminder, the BMW M4 Convertible is the little sibling of the M4 Coupe and is packing a worthy powertrain under the hood. We have seen in it numerous drag races taking against other top predators or in interesting test drives and reviews, all bragging the 3.0-liter straight-six twin turbo engine that proudly sits underneath its skin.

The 3.0-liter engine is powerful enough to develop 430 horsepower which sends the power to the rear wheels through a high-performance seven-speed dual-clutch transmission or a standard manual one. Enjoy the photo gallery with this splendid Speed Yellow BMW M4 Convertible by AC Schnitzer at BMW Motors Abu Dhabi!

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