This Is RevoZport`s Upgrade Package on BMW M2 Coupe

Ever since its official unveiling on the market in November 2015, the BMW M2 Coupe has been well-received in the tuning segment, the model popping-up in outstanding projects that shaped out its exquisite design language and performance under the hood.

And tuners like Manhart, Vorsteiner, G-Power or Mansory have demonstrated that the tuning projects are infinite and the optional upgrades could transform the M2 Coupe into unique and standout masterpieces.

Following a complete tuning package carried out on the outstanding Tesla Model X, a rare sight in the tuning world so far, the aftermarket specialists from RevoZport tuning company have shifted their attention towards modifying the gorgeous BMW M2 Coupe.

Their outstanding program includes plethora of modifications at the exterior, inside, as well as under the hood where it has also received quite an exceptional power boost.

Performance wise, the BMW M2 Coupe by RevoZport has been fitted with the tuner`s special power kit, consisting of an ECU remapping and intake system. This means that the baby-M is now delivering a total of 480 horsepower, quite impressive from the stock 370 horsepower. No performance figures were provided but this power kit should improve the car`s sprint by around 0.2 seconds.

At the exterior, the engineers from RevoZport have fitted the model with a carbon fiber aero package, called the M2 Raze Aerokit, consisting of carbon fiber panels, a 3 year adjustable front splitter with – Street Sport and Track setup – adding cooling vents for the brake discs to make them more performance.

Other features also refer to new canards installed around the front bumper vents which make the model look more aggressive and also cools-off the engine and increases its performance. Also, the door sills are now extended towards the rear wheel arches, along with a GT spoiler to the back, which perfectly complements the massive and imposing free-flow lightweight titanium exhaust system.

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