Fostla & PP-Performance Join Hands to Enhance the Looks of This Chrome Red Audi RS5

Joint ventures between famous tuning companies are becoming more frequent and that in the hope of creating the craziest builds in the world. One such joint venture involves Fostla and PP-Performance, both caught up in an amazing program carried out on the Audi RS5.

All RS models from Audi are built to last, coming with advanced aerodynamics and impressive performance under the hood. However, in the hands of tuning companies, these builds become even more standout.

The below Chrome Red Audi RS5 is standing out from the crowd with a head-turner aero package which costs around 8,000 euros and consists of a handful of cool features at the exterior.

So, besides the wonderful and exotic paintjob, this model is also tweaked with vinyl wrap with red shades, adding as well blacked-out body parts. Among the most outstanding parts we should mention the bespoke exhaust system and throttle system.

Besides the 8,000 euros worth of aero parts, the Audi RS5 by Fostla and PP-Performance is also tweaked with a 3,686 euro worth of power kit, which provides the model with a total of 488 horsepower and 463 lb-ft of torque.

So we have one piece of Audi RS5 which for almost 20,000 euros can be transformed into something of a strange yet appealing beauty, adding as well an impressive power kit under the hood.

In case you own such a fantastic model that allows for infinite customizations, then our advice would be going for the full power kit from Fostla and PP-Performance tuners. Enjoy the media gallery with the new Audi RS5!

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