2013 Porsche 911 with Aero Kit by Caractere Exclusive

I have to admit that Porsche builds the most outstanding sports cars in the world, with some fancy names to conquer the auto market for decades – one of them is the infamous 911, an exceptional ride in all its generations.

Porsche`s success lies in the ability of creating the most impressive cars, with an exclusive design language, advanced aerodynamics and stand-out performance. However, auto manufacturers do make room for improvement – and that`s where aftermarket shops intervene.

One of those shops which deal with Porsche customizations is the Belgian tuning company Caractere Exclusive, also seen on different important auto shows in the last couple of years.

One impressive ride to create quite a stir at the Las Vegas Motor Show back in 2014 is the below Porsche 911, and which comes with a wide aero kit signed by the Belgian aftermarket shop.

The most important highlights surrounding this 2013 Porsche 911 refer to the new front bumper with integrated air intakes, air outlets, as well as bespoke side skirts with integrated air intakes and air outlets, adding updated rear spoiler and rear wing with integrated third brake light.

Still at the rear, the model has also received a new sport exhaust system with valve control and dual round tailpipes, both announcing a power increase and a wilder engine growl. The entire aero kit is complemented with the 20-inch three-piece forged alloy wheels. Customers were also able to choose the much wider 21-inch wheels. All components increase the car`s aggressive note and provide greater stance on the road.

The aftermarket specialists from Belgian tuner Caractere Exclusive have also added a media gallery with their latest project!

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