BMW E46 Tuning Projects by Twin Brothers

Hi dear readers! As you can see, this is our first article in the “My Car” category and we are pleased to present you two „twin” cars owned by two twin brothers who have made some tuning upgrades to the cars they own. Sounds thrilling does not it?

They own two E46 BMW 3 Series facelift that were manufactured at the end of 2004. They are two very well maintained cars and are equipped with a lot of features that I will present to you immediately.

Let’s start with more details about their first BMW that was acquired in the summer of 2010. It is a silver metallic E46 BMW 320D sedan, equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The car is equipped by a 2 liter diesel engine that develops a maximum power of 150 hp and a maximum torque of 340Nm. It reaches 100km/h in no more than 8.7 seconds.

The car’s features are as follows:
– M Sport Package
– Sport seats with alcantara leather
– Sunroof
– 16:9 navigation system
– Front and rear electric windows
– Cruise control
– Heated seats
– Climatronic
– Parking sensors
– Heated electric mirrors
– Ski bag compartment
– Smoking package
– Xenon headlights
– Folding bench
– Headlight washers
– Individual light package
– Black individual interior roof
– Exterior shadow line trims

– 16:9 navigation system
– BMW M3 CSL diffuser
– BMW M3 exhaust
– TA-Technix strut bar
– Front CSL look splitters
– BMW /// M Pedals
– Eyelids for headlights
– Angel Eyes
– Aftermarket ///M LED signals (for fenders)
– 193M style wheels
– 10mm wheel spacer by SCC Fahrezeug Technik

(BEFORE) Shortly after the date of purchase with no modifications:

(AFTER) Photo gallery with the upgrades and two beautiful girls 🙂 :

As you can see, these changes have improved the appearance of the car, giving it a more aggressive look. How does the car look like after these tuning upgrades?

They bought their second BMW in the winter of 2014 and it is a black sapphire E46 BMW 320D. The technical data is the same for both cars, so we will not talk again about it. From the point of view of the features, it is a bit more endowed than the silver metallic E46, and in addition to the ones mentioned above are the following: Electric folding mirrors and electric rear sunshade.

– BMW M3 CSL diffuser
– BMW M3 exhaust
– TA-Technix strut bar
– Front CSL look splitters
– Eyelids for headlights
– Angel eyes
– 68M style wheels
– 15mm wheel spacer by TA-Technix



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