The fastest Mini ever – the AC Schnitzer Raptor

German tuner AC Schintzer managed to get itself a new record for the trophy cabinet. It’s not exactly the most important one in the world, but it’s a record nevertheless.

Thanks to the Raptor model, the AC Schnitzer got themselves teh title for the fastest Mini ever. The German tuner took advantage of the situation and went on to publicize it as much as possible.

AC Schnitzer Raptor

AC Schnitzer Raptor

The specialist BMW tuner released a video of the event, a photo gallery and quite a few details about what they’ve achieved with their tweaked Mini.

So what exactly is the deal with all the fuss AC Schnitzer is making about the Raptor?

Well, it’s based on the Mini JCW Coupe, basically the fastest car the British brand makes anyway. The BMW specialist wasn’t very happy with the 211 horsepower of the little four pot.

They’ve fitted it with a new turbo, intercooler, stainless steel exhaust, racing catalyst and then remapped the ECU. The power output is now 300 horsepower.

AC Schnitzer have also fitted a sport clutch, a limited slip differential, a racing suspension and rollcage to make sure the handling is on par and that it can put all that power down.

The Mini Coupe is now a serious racer and it gets its new record in AC Schnitzer trim because it managed to go round the infamous Hockenheim race track in 1:10.87.

AC Schnitzer Raptor

AC Schnitzer Raptor

If the time sounds a little irrelevant, please note that it’s the sort of time the Pagani Zonda F can manage around the same track.

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