Mercedes Sprinter turned into a Brabus… ambulance

Tuning companies may demand respect and claim to be grown up manufacturers, engineering efforts and all that lot but they’re actually mostly aimed at satisfying trivial needs.

Brabus has never made a car to benefit mankind. They’ve pretty much made a ton of custom Mercedes that gave people joy in performance and appearance.

Brabus Mercedes Sprinter

Brabus Mercedes Sprinter

Now though, we get to see them work on something completely special that’s not going to be the plaything of some millionaire/billionaire.

The German tuner is working on a Mercedes Sprinter and plans to fit it with a 5.5 liter V8 engine and four wheel drive.

While there’s no mention about that particular engine being turbocharged or not, Brabus is doing this for all the right reasons.

Brabus Mercedes Sprinter

Brabus Mercedes Sprinter

When it is completed, this Brabus Sprinter won’t be a car designed to speed business men or rock stars to work but actually become an ambulance.

No actual details are available on the Brabus Mercedes Sprinter ambulance but it’s easy to understand why such a car would need a serious speed boost.

In standard trim at Mercedes, that 5.5 liter V8 engine would develop at least 390 horsepower but if we’re talking about a modern twin-turbo affair that number can go up to 544.

Brabus Mercedes Sprinter

Brabus Mercedes Sprinter

The four wheel drive and the raised suspension mean that this ambulance will need to put the power down as well as possible without troubling the driver too much.

I don’t know about you guys but getting injured on a motorway pending a crash in an SLK and then being taken to hospital in a Brabus seems like a decent step up.


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