Hamann Tuning publishes memoR gallery

It’s a little tricky to forget what a crime of style it is but just in case some of you have, Hamann Tuning have a new gallery of the memoR.

That product is a tweaked version of McLaren’s MP4-12C, one that throws the conservative styling to the wind and turns into something totally opposite.

Hamann memoR McLaren MP4-12C

Hamann memoR McLaren MP4-12C

Don’t think the German tuner actually created a styling rival for the Ferrari 458 Italia but something to rival every 14 year old’s NFS creation.

Really, the idea is great but the application is far from brilliant. The new look of the McLaren MP4-12C is not something that’s likable.

You’d hope the guys at Hamann Tuning would redeem themselves by pushing the limits of what the 3.8 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine can produce.

Hamann memoR McLaren MP4-12C

Hamann memoR McLaren MP4-12C

Sadly, that’s not the case, the Hamann memoR may be all shouting and pint spilling but underneath it features the same standard setup.

Still, having just under 600 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque is still considerably fast. It’s certainly enough to keep people from seeing you drive that horrid looking mid engined exotica.

The whole body kit, new paint scheme, fixed rear spoiler, roof scoop and bonnet redesign looks unpleasant. I’ll give the tuner a break and say there’s something I appreciate.

Hamann memoR McLaren MP4-12C

Hamann memoR McLaren MP4-12C

That incredibly detailed 21 inch alloy wheel set really looks amazing. It’s certainly better than the standard wheel setup and better than most tuning options.

I might even get to like the McLaren MP4-12C’s new exhaust system with a triple tailpipe layout. Just check out the pictures to find out what I’m on about.


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