Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera by Vorsteiner unveiled

American tuner Vorsteiner seems to be a little more than interested in giving outdated supercar models a boost these days.

After upgrading the Ferrari 599, they’ve now turned their attention to the rival company’s aging rock star; that’ll be the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Vorsteineri Lamborghini Gallardo

Vorsteineri Lamborghini Gallardo

Even in Superleggera form, the baby Lambo has plenty of moments where it feels properly old.

It still is a wonderful looker and a fast car but that e-gear automatic transmission genuinely feels like it’s a decade old. Which it nearly is.

Just as with the V12 Ferrari, the Vorsteiner prepped Lamborghini Gallardo gets changes to stuff that isn’t immediately available.

Vorsteineri Lamborghini Gallardo

Vorsteineri Lamborghini Gallardo

Essentially, Vorsteiner offers two new alloy wheel designs and a revised aerodynamic package that’s made out of carbon fiber.

Any combination of these upgrades is welcomed but when looks are better, weight is lower and rigidity is higher than ever before, the package sounds better and better.

Once again I love the way Vorsteiner have managed to find some paint to drape over the pre-preg carbon fiber body pieces.

I find it so refreshing when a major tuner overcomes the boy racer desire to have naked carbon fiber exposed on their cars.

Vorsteineri Lamborghini Gallardo

Vorsteineri Lamborghini Gallardo

In terms of wheels you can pick between the VS-110 and VS-310, both of which are double five spoke designs. The differences between them are in the construction and design.

Vorsteiner claim that they will have the Gallardo Superleggera kit ready for customers by sometime this autumn.

By then we expect them to have all the details ready. That includes both pricing and final weight.

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