Hennessey Ford GT sets a new standing mile record

Hennessey Performance create tuning cars meant to develop horsepower, torque and a general tendency to be almost completely crazy.

It really is a lot of craziness to consider regardless of the product they supply you with. There’s also a lot of excitement and, occasionally, results.

Hennessey Ford GT

Hennessey Ford GT

This is the story of a new result. Thanks to a properly tuned up Ford GT, Hennessey set a new standing mile record.

The 5.4 liter V8 engine is so modified it’s incredible. What is spectacular and a major kudos to the Blue Oval is that they’ve used the standard engine block.

Pretty much everything was swapped out to high quality stuff and the lovely supercharge was replaced by a couple of Precision Turbochargers.

Hennessey Ford GT

Hennessey Ford GT

Naturally, all of the changes imply that the Hennessey Ford GT will be burning up 117 octane racing gasoline. What’s amazing is that we don’t get any actual figures.

Conservatively, the rabid Ford GT is going to develop some 2000 horsepower. Yeah, that seems like a lot.

It’s also what’s going to explain how it got a 257.7 mph standing mile record this last weekend. Naturally, the terrified driver couldn’t even tame the lower gears on the record attempt.

This must be why Sean Kennedy (the driver) says there’s still plenty of improvement left to go on the Hennessey Ford GT’s current standing mile record.

Hennessey Ford GT

Hennessey Ford GT

I’d say that’s unbelievable but let’s keep it real people, we’re looking at one of the most tuning car engines ever produced.

Hennessey is proud of the achievement but they have announced that the car would make another attempt at 260 mph in October.

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