ABT Sportsline unveils QS3 before Geneva Motor Show

Though nothing is up on their website, ABT Sportsline have leaked or exclusively announced a couple of photos and information about their QS3.

If you’re not familiar with the ABT Audi QS3, it’s one of the models the German tuner plans to unveil at the Geneva Motor Show.

ABT Sportsline Audi QS3

ABT Sportsline Audi QS3

The ABT Audi QS3 is, essentially, an upgrade of their existing tuning proposal for the Audi Q3. The changes are more significant than they appear.

Though the body kit, alloys and new radiator grill remain the same, ABT added a complete graphics package to the exterior of the Audi Q3.

We don’t know yet if ABT has, or will eventually modify the look and feel of the interior of the Q3 but we’ve been told about what they’ve done to the engines.

ABT Sportsline Audi QS3

ABT Sportsline Audi QS3

The 2.0 liter TDI diesel engine used to develop 177 horsepower and now has 205 ponies at its disposal.

Petrol enthusiasts should get more of the same kick. That 2.0 liter TFSI was increased from 211 to a grand total of 270 horsepower now.

ABT Sportsline has also fitted the Audi QS3 with a redesigned sports suspension and special high performing tires to match the new 20 inch wheels.

ABT Sportsline Audi QS3

ABT Sportsline Audi QS3

From this point on, there’s bound to be no more changes till the Geneva Motor Show. It’s just a week away and by now they should be preparing the car for the show rather than keep on upgrading it.

This doesn’t mean that the modded Audi Q3 doesn’t have any more secrets to showcase at the Swiss event.

As seen on WCF.

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