ABT Sportsline tunes up VW Group for Geneva

ABT Sportsline plan to roll into the Geneva Motor Show with quite the good looking stand. They will focus on the most prolific brands of the VW Group.

They’ll have a couple of Volkswagen models and even something from the higher up Audi stable.

ABT Sportsline VW

ABT Sportsline VW

Porsches and Bentleys won’t make it but let’s keep things on the ground here and focus on what we can get for it’s quite an interesting list.

The Volkswagen Up! and the latest version of the Volkswagen Beetle will be there and the Audi side has AS6 Avant and QS3 crossover listed.

The Volkswagen Up by ABT Sportsline gets a new suspension system, a sports exhaust and a redesigned exterior. The latter part isn’t for everybody as it looks almost cartoonish.

ABT Sportsline VW

ABT Sportsline VW

A teaser of the Volkswagen Beetle tells us we may see more of the graphics but this time the details are better.

20 inch alloy wheels and 240 horsepower are said to come out of the 2.0 liter TFSI engine we all know from the Volkswagen GTi.

That should be plenty of performance and ABT Sportsline seems to have the same sort of power kits in the Audi models.

ABT Sportsline VW

ABT Sportsline VW

The Q3’s 2.0 liter Turbo four pot went all the way up to an astonishing 270 horsepower. That level of performance boost also goes to the A6 Avant V6 diesel.

ABT Sportsline’s 3.0 liter oil burner will develop as much as 360 horsepower. All of those ponies will get some help from a redesgined aero body kit.

All we can say is: Bring it on!

ABT Sportsline VW ABT Sportsline VW ABT Sportsline VW

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